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◆ TEXPRO & ITMA 2019

ITMA 2019 will be held in Barcelona, Spain on 20-26 June 2019. Texpro’s booth No. is H2-A211 in Fira Barcelona Gran Via Conference Centre.

Focusing on the theme of “Environment-friendly, Energy conservation & Smart machines, Intelligent manufacturing”, Texpro is planing to show its self-developed dyeing and finishing equipments with IoT Cloud Platform System.


◆ Original technology - ASH plus air & liquid multi-flow dyeing machine


◇ Main technical features

● Rated power of the air blower is reduced by 67% compared with the traditional air-flow dyeing machine.

● The air blower has constant power process control, which reduces the tension of the fabric under high temperature and reduces the power consumption.

● Dyeing liquid temperature balance system reduces the temperature difference between nozzle and return liquid pipe of the main tank.

● Single chamber with enlarged capacity, low rated power of the air blower, reducing the power consumption in fabric unit weight processing.

● Combined nozzle in the front ensures high dyeing evenness in one cycle of fabric and shortens the processing time.

● The dyeing liquid exchanges with fabric in counter-current mode, increasing the rinsing concentration gradient with high rinsing efficiency and water-saving.

● Suitable for dyeing sensitive and some kinds of fabrics that is easy to crease, low requirements for dyeing process.

● With significant features of water saving, steam saving and power saving, and achieving the right-first-time dyeing easily.

ASH plus Series-Air & Liquid Multi-flow Dyeing Machine


◆ Originated from Germany - Stentex Stenter


◇ Main technical features

● Horizontal chain drive.

● ECO-AIR drying chamber with built-in single-duct.

● With patented inclined nozzle, spraying air evenly, and the fabric expands uniformly in suspension, good hand feeling.

● The air inlet of the drying chamber is equipped with shielding device to reduce the heat loss and improve the production efficiency.

● Using touch screen centralized control, high degree of automation, and easy to operate.

● Applying full servo control system of Lenze Germany, high precision, reliable performance, and saving power by 30%.

● Heat recovery device with automatic cleaning function: perfect interpretation of the combination of economy and environmental protection.

Stentex Stenter


◆ High efficiency, short process, low energy consumption continuous pre-treatment / post-treatment etc. combination range     


◇ Main technical features

● PLC control system, quantitative control of additives and water, automatic batching system and on-line testing.

● Through vibrating and flapping of spray & rotor, high efficiency spray washing can remove the fabric residue, improve the fabric permeability in chemical pick-up unit, and make it absorb chemical additives more evenly.

● Chemical pick-up unit with automatic feeding control system, selecting storage formula process, and ensuring the reproducibility of the process.

● Each unit is equipped with automatic / manual lint filter.

● Waste-water heat recovery, saving steam energy consumption.

● Optimized design structure, efficient rinsing and overflow rinsing, energy saving.

● Increasing the utilization rate of dyeing machine by 40-50%, and saving water, electricity and steam by 20% ~ 40% compared with traditional technology.

◆ Texpro cloud platform


◇ Main content

● Texpro’s dyeing machines, continuous washing machines, stenters and production controlling system can be connected to the cloud platform.

● Access to central control, ERP and camera etc.

● Supports Wi-Fi, 4G and wired networks for the on-site machine networking solution.

● Supports access mode by multiple terminals such as PC, tablet and mobile phone, and can be accessed at anytime and anywhere.

● Real-time access to the working status of the workshop equipment and remote control via the mobile terminal.

● The platform has built-in analysis models such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), EMS (Energy Management System), and APM (Asset Performance Management), etc., which can automatically analyze and calculate the energy consumption, equipment efficiency and equipment operating status of each machine, workshop and the entire plant at each intervals.


◇ Impact on users

● The processing site is transparent, and users can get on-site information easily and in real time.

● Feedback abnormal conditions in time, remote control and tracking process.

● Analyze production capacity, energy consumption and equipment performance.

● Keep abreast of capacity, cost, energy consumption and efficiency for easy adjustment and improvement.


production controlling system



◆ Introduction to Texpro’s R&D


Texpro is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, research & development and manufacturing of new type dyeing and finishing machinery. Texpro group has two subcompanies: Son-tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd and Texpro & Stentex Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. It has self-developed the world’s first leading technology of air & liquid multi-flow dyeing machine, which has an important impact on the dyeing and printing industry"s energy-saving and emission reduction. Its stenter and continuous wet finishing range integrated with several famous Germany dyeing and finishing equipment technologies have played an active role in improving the efficiency of dyeing and finishing process, saving energy and reducing consumption. Utilize the industrial IoT cloud computing platform to provide users with technical guidance for equipment use, optimize processes, monitor energy consumption and provide excellent after-sales service.



ITMA is both an opportunity and a challenge for Texpro Group, and also an important step in the history of the development of Texpro.

At this moment, Texpro is ready to witness energy conservation and intelligent manufacturing with you. We look forward to your visit to our booth to discuss the best energy-saving and intelligent dyeing and finishing solutions.

Texpro has two subcompanies: Son-tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Texpro & Stentex Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Its history can be traced back to 1997. Focusing on the innovation, R&D, production and promotion of Dyeing Machine, Stenter and Continuous Open Width Finishing Range etc., Texpro is the world"s leading supplier of high-end dyeing & finishing equipment solutions, and tries to develop a business characterized by high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
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